Broadcast Integration Server (BIS)

The Broadcast Integration Server aggregates mediadata from different sources (planning, trailer and music schedule, artist database and web CMS), matches and consolidates these data and links it with current content.

Twitter Application

The Twitter Application is an integrated services for OpenMedia, Plato or other systems. It brings your newsroom up to tweet!

Upcoming trends stay in focus as well as regional trends. A great benefit when searching for the next story.


Social Media create new possibilities

FanGate is an app for reaching the individual audience

Stay in touch wiht your customers.

Compile information about the personal interests of viewers/ listeners and actively provide them with individualised information about broadcasts according to their very own personal tastes and preferences.

  • BIS
  • Fritz
  • OM24

Trailer Scheduler

The Trailer Scheduler is a new module for seamless integration of trailer disposition in the Broadcast Integration Server (BIS).

It makes long-term trailer planning very easy.

With a few clicks trailers get their programming slots.

All the working steps are reduced to a minimum.

The trailers can be enriched by multimedia information, such as images, links, audio or video clips which are intended for publication on the internet as well as social media platforms.